Plain Shalwar Cutting Draft

plain shalwar

Shalwar is an unisex garment used with Kurta or kameez . it is prepared with a casing at waist for inserting a cloth tape. A canvas or interfacing ,aterila is used in the intruns at the bottom (paychai), with any suitable design. Its cutting depands upon the expected looseness at the waist and effect desired by the wearer. Plain shalwar for both ladies and gents.


1 Full length 75 cm(30)
2 Seat or hips 70 cm (28)
3 Bottom round or roumd to foot 30 cm (12)

Instruction for Drafting


Side piece (fig 1) square lines from 0 , fold at 1-0
1-0 = full length plus 1.5 cm (1/2)
2-0 = half length bottom less 2.5 cm (1)
or one th fourth seat (hips) less 2.5 cm (1)
3 is squared down from 2


Kali fig 2 square lines from 4
5-4 = full length plus 1.5 cm (1/2)
6-4 = half seat or hips plus 2.5 cm (1)
or to taste 7 is squared down from 6
7-6 = one fourth seat or hips plus 10 cm (4)
8-7 = 5 cm (2)
9-5 = 4 cm (1 )
join 8-9 and shape 7-9 as shown
keep 5 cm (2) above 2-0 and 6-4 for casing
I layout of unfolded material 3 and
4-2 side pieces 5to
8 -4 kalis and 9 = material for inturns at bottom

Shalwar Shalwar

fig 10 shows the stitched garment when spreaded

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